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Error Recovery in CBA

In spite of all best efforts, students will occasionally break out of a program unintentionally. This happens most often because the student's input has a syntax error (can not be interpreted) or the [ON] key has been pressed (this key serves as a BREAK key, and results in the message:  ERR;BREAK ). This difficulty can easily be resolved by recording the partial score, (which is saved in matrix [E] as described under Recording Scores), and then executing a restart at the appropriate problem number. To execute a restart, when the screen asks for STUDENT NUMBER, the student presses  [Alpha]  [R]. The screen then asks "START AT WHAT NUMBER". After the problem number is entered, the screen will again ask for "STUDENT NUMBER".

The same process is useful when students do not finish a program during a class period and are using a classroom set of calculators which they can not take with them. Record the partial score from matrix [E] and then let the student start from that point in the next class session.

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