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CBA Testing: The Moment of Truth

Much has already been said about the prevention of cheating, and more will be said about developing mastery as opposed to mere exposure. But if you allow a relatively free exchange between students during class (as I do), and especially if you allow students to bring in grades for programs which they have completed out of class (which I also do), then how do you ensure that a given student has actually mastered any given material?

The answer is a strictly controlled test during which free exchange is not allowed, and during which there is absolutely no way to cheat. The second screen of every program, in addition to asking for the STUDENT NUMBER, also offers the opportunities:


If the student responds with [ALPHA] [T], then the screen will ask:


A very convenient combination is 4 questions on each of four programs, done on something roughly approaching a weekly basis. This again results in a total of 16 questions. Further comments are included under Effective Personal Strategies.

Higher level classes probably should not be allowed to use a second calculator while taking the test. Some feel the need of a crutch to when working with negative numbers.

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