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CBA Equipment Requirements

Though there are many other fine graphing calculators available, these programs will run only on the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus calculators. The principle and essential  advantage of these calculators is their ability to do string manipulation, i.e. to accept, examine, modify, and display strings of  letters as well as numbers. This facility is necessary for such problems as factoring or combining terms in which the mere value of the answer is not sufficient for judging accuracy. Not only the value of the answer, but also its form must be examined. It is also indispensable in preventing certain approaches to cheating.

Though it is not absolutely necessary to use a computer in conjunction with CBA, it does greatly simplify distribution, storage, creation, and modification of the programs.  In order to use a computer, you will have to acquire the TI Graph Link program and the TI Graph Link cable. To donload the program  from the Internet, see the next page. In addition to the program storage, and creation advantages, use of the TI Graph Link program permits the teacher to protect against students modifying programs (which can otherwise happen even accidentally).

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