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Program Descriptions: Auxillary Programs

AA         Answer analysis is a utility program which will display the most recent student response and the last four incorrect responses in the previous program. This can be useful if a student believes that the program made a mistake (which is virtually impossible) or gets an ERR:SYNTAX that is not understood. Because the name AA should make it the first program in the list, it can be called up quickly by pressing [PRGM], [ENTER],[ENTER]. AA leaves the calculator in Graph mode. To get back to the home screen, press [CLEAR].

0    SBR    This file is a collection of subroutines that are common to all of the programs. None of them will function if SBR is not present in RAM. It is by far the largest of the files.  It paints the introductory screen for each program and sets up the program re-entry and test mechanisms. It contains all of the congratulatory and consolation messages as well as the Performance Summary screen and the matrix [E]  and AA student response history mechanisms. Among other things, it contains the copyright and licensing information, which is displayed on the screen if SBR is run as a standalone program.

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