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Representing and solving simple relationships algebraically

10     EqnRpsnt     This program requires the student to represent word descriptions with algebraic expressions. The student is encouraged to start with the unknown and work backward (or forward, as required) from there.

11     Eqn1Stp1     Solving one step equations. The student must first indicate the step that he is going to take (for example -2  or  /3), and then input the new equation that results from that transformation. The object is to cause the student to begin to think in terms of transformations of equations rather than guessing answers.

12     Eqn1Stp2     Solving one step equations. This program asks only for the end result.

13     Eqn2Stp1     Solving two step equations. This program again asks for the step and then the transformed equation.

14     Eqn2Stp2     Solving two step equations. This program extends the problem to distributed  multiplication using parentheses. Though the problem can be solved by expanding the indicated  multiplication (or division), it is simpler to "undo" the given operation. This program insists on the more efficient method.

15     Eqn2Stp3     Solving two step equations with parentheses. Asks only for the end result.

16     DstrMlt1     Distributed multiplication involving various powers of the variable.

17     DstrMlt2     Multiplication of two binomials with various combinations of coefficients and negatives. Students are required to combine like terms.

18     Eqn3Stp1     Solving three step equations with other complications. This program asks only  for the end result. In many problems there is a simplification that can be made which will avoid a tedious brute force approach. In some cases, there is no solution to the problem, in which case the student is told to enter the letter "N".

19     EqnWord     This program presents word problems requiring set up and manipulation of  equations for distance, rate and time. The emphasis is on the process rather than on arithmetic calculations..

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