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Modification List for Calculator Based Algebra

Listed below are the changes made between versions  4.0 and 5.0 of CBA.

4.1 Correct a sign problem in CombTrm1 and CombTrm2
4.2 Prevent a division by zero error in certain circumstances in CombTrm1,
      CombTrm2, and Powers.
4.3 Correct Str6 interference between SBR and several programs.
4.4 Change PropRat1, PropRat2, and PropPcnt error message when less than
       a complete equation is input.
4.5 Correct rare domain error in SBR routines which display error and
      congratulatory messages.
4.6 Remove from LE2PtSlp the possibility for the two points to be coincident.
4.7 Change in LEIntrcp to the location on the screen of the displayed equation.
4.8 Change CombTrm1 and CombTrm2 so that they check for an error
       difference rather than a percentage error.
4.9 Make SysWordP stop after 16 problems and correct Str7 interference
       between SBR and several programs.
4.10 Correct problem with "Restart" of  SysSpecl.

5.1 Correct Label error if student made a specific mistake in QECmplSq.
5.2 Decrease frequency of 0's for answers in SYSSUBST.
5.3 Restrict warnings of hours vs minutes errors in EQNWORD to 1st 4 problems, and to non-test.
5.4 Make horizontal line occur less frequently in LEWORDP1.
5.5 Correct SBR Str7 (again) which caused erroneous answers to result in Invalid Dim.

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