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Outline of Calculator Based Algebra

The outline below describes the layout of this web site. You may choose to follow it linearly by clicking on   Next Page>>>   at the bottom of each page, or you may jump directly to any subject by clicking on the desired item below.  You may also return to this outline by clicking on  [Site Outline]  at the bottom of any page.

   Home page   
   Program profile   
   Downloading CBA   
   Distribution and licensing   
   Program list with short descriptions   
   Answer entry   
   Scoring criteria   
   Recording scores (Performance Summary screen)  
   Error recovery   
   Prevention of cheating   
   Testing: The moment of truth   
   Tricks of the trade   
   Effective personal strategies   
   Equipment requirements   
   Use of TI GraphLink   
   Program storage (RAM and archive)   
   Advantages of CBA   
   Extended program descriptions   
            Review:  Fractions, Decimals, Negatives, Distributed Multiplication,
                    and Powers    
            Representing and Solving Simple Relationships Algebraically   
            Proportions Absolute Value and  Literal Equations,  Inequalities   
            Linear Equations: Graphical and Analytical Relationships  
            Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities: Graphical and Analytical
            Polynomials:  Multiplying and Factoring   
            Quadratic Equations:  Graphical and Analytical Relationships   
            Exponential Functions  
            Expression and Equations with Radicals   
            Rational Expressions and Equations   
            Function Recognition Function Notation   
            Conic Sections   
            Remedial Exercises   
   Modification list   

   Algebra Links for Educators

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