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Prevention of Cheating in CBA

The Performance Summary screen can not be readily simulated (faked). A double pressing of the [Enter]  key is required to clear it. This serves the double purpose of ensuring that the screen was not simulated and of preventing the clearing of the Performance Summary screen prior to the time that the teacher records the score by an accidental pressing of  [Enter].

The numbers used in any given problem are generated randomly so that copying someone else's answer is not an option. There are several other options available to the teacher when a suspicion is aroused. For example, it is easy to use  [2nd] [Entry]  to review what student has been doing.
It is true that a student with perfect Sunday school attendance may succumb to the temptation to cheat if the pressures are too great. Once it becomes clear, however, that the chances of getting caught are overwhelming, attempts to cheat virtually disappear.

If a particular student has shown him/herself to be untrustworthy, the teacher always has the option of requiring that the grade be taken from the Performance Summary screen, and that the work be done in the teacher's presence. I have not had to do this.

There are several other ways of detecting attempts to cheat the system. These are treated as sensitive information and are distributed only to persons who have been identified as algebra teachers. To obtain this information, contact Allen Robnett   at (615) 230-9854 or click here to send email

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