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CBA Use of TI's Graph Link

It is not really practical to attempt to create and maintain a set of programs with any degree of complexity without the aid of a computer and the TI Graph Link cable and program.  The program presents a replica of the TI 83 on the screen, which can be used to create any needed input. However, in most instances, the input can be created on your computer keyboard, almost as if you were using a word processor. This includes highlighting, using Ctrl X to cut and save, Ctrl C to copy, and Ctrl V to insert.

The Graph Link software can be downloaded at no charge. TI currently has a promotion which lasts until March1, 2001, during which the Graph Link cable is included with the purchase of a TI-83 Plus. Notice that there are different versions of the software for TI-83 and TI-83 Plus. Either one can be used with either program, but the TI-83 Plus version has some added conveniences. Of course, you must specify Windows or Mac version.  Click here to link to TI's Graph Link site.

If for no other reason, one should use the Graph Link to ensure that every program is protected from editing. To accomplish that, check the box at the bottom right side of the Graph Link screen which says "Protected". If you have any doubts as to whether or not a program has been modified on a specific calculator, you may want to press [PRGM] on that calculator and then move the cursor over to the word EDIT. No programs should then appear. Any that do appear have been unprotected.

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