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Conic sections

98     CSCircle     The first of the conic sections programs begins by relating the standard form of the equation for a circle to the Pythagorean theorem  (X²+Y²=R²). Some of the problems also require solving for Y  (Y= ±Ö(R²-X²) ), distinguishing between the equations for the top and bottom half of the circle, and modifying the equation to take into account a shift of the center of the circle off of the origin. These topics are frequently reserved for algebra 2, and would probably be used only for the most advanced students in algebra 1.

99     CSParab     Conic sections: parabola: not yet released

100     CSEllips     Conic sections: ellipse: not yet released

101     CSHyperb     Conic sections: hyperbola: not yet released

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