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Overview of  Calculator  Based  Algebra
Calculator Based Algebra,  CBA,  can be used in such a way as to completely eliminate any opportunity to cheat.  It provides a relatively low budget means of introducing the advantages of a computer based program to any classroom, and in fact has several important advantages over a computer lab.

CBA constantly gives each student immediate feedback on the responses made; something that the classroom teacher cannot possibly do. In addition to indicating whether a response is correct or not, it will frequently indicate the nature of the error.

CBA automatically scores and records the student's efforts in a way that can be accessed by the teacher at a later date (see the topic Recording Scores). A grading technique, which has evolved in experience with the programs, is described under topic Effective Personal Strategies.

Through years of use in the classroom, CBA has evolved to overcome all of the challenges that arise in using a miniature computer as a basis for the course (see especially Recording Scores,  Error Recovery, Prevention of Cheating, and Security).

     TI-83 is a registered trade mark of Texas Instruments, Incorporated.

     CBA is copyrighted by Allen V. Robnett, and is in no way associated with
     Texas Instruments, other than by an admiration for their calculator.

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