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                  Calculator Based Algebra

Calculator Based Algebra (CBA) is an entire Algebra  course embedded in approximately 90 programs for the TI-83 graphing calculator. The entire course of programs and operating notes can be downloaded from this site at no charge.

CBA begins with review lessons in fractions and operations with negative numbers, and concludes with quadratic equations, conic sections, radical expressions, and rational equations. It has proven to be a most effective approach to motivating students, increasing their focus on the subject, and encouraging them to achieve mastery.  The approach is unmatched for its effect in freeing the teacher to give special attention to those who need tutor help (these subjects are discussed further under the topic Effective Personal Strategies).

CBA is a boon to the teacher with respect to algebra lesson plans and record keeping. It is ideal for use by a tutor since it provides immediate feedback about response errors.

Be sure to visit the site outline for an overview of both the site and the Calculator Based Algebra system.

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