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Proportions, Absolute value and Literal equations, Inequalities

20     PropRat1     Setting up ratios and proportions. This program is very easy because the pattern  of the proportions is always the same.

21     PropRat2     Setting up ratios and proportions again, but the patterns are varied. The student is encouraged to put the variable in the numerator and use the simple multiplication of equals rather than learn a new rule about cross multiplication without justification.

22     PropPcnt     Percentage as a special case of proportions. Emphasis is on setting up equations and manipulating the equations.

23     PropProb     Calculation of probabilities by finding the ratio of the number of ways that a specified event can succeed to the total number of possible outcomes. Some students may not know that a deck is made up of 52 cards. For this program, Ace is high and there is no joker.

24     EqnAbsVl     Absolute value equations of various complexities are presented. The student is required to input both answers (even if the two are identical).

25     EqnLitr1     Transformation of literal equations from the realm of  geometry, physics and chemistry.  The formulas involve simple products, ratios, and square roots. Students will eventually memorize the answers. Nevertheless, this is an excellent exercise in regarding the expressions on each side of an equation as quantities rather than as computation instructions.

26     EqnLitr2     Transformation of more complex literal equations. This program involves distributed multiplication, and cube roots. Because the screen representation of the letter V is easily confused with the letter Y, the program has been written to allow either letter in the problems involving V.

27     IneqStep     Solving two-step inequalities. The program asks for the step and then for the transformed inequality. In solving for X, the program expects X to remain on the side of the inequality on which it was found (i.e. the simplest way).

28     IneqMnip     This program asks only for the end result, but wants X on the left this time. This requirement provides exercise in the manipulation of inequalities.

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