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Distribution and Licensing of CBA

Free distribution is encouraged and appreciated. Teachers are invited to use any or all of the programs in any way they see fit for a period of 60 days. After the trial period, a single $10 license fee entitles a teacher to use any or all of the programs on calculators for any or all of his/her students. The licensing fee is to be mailed to:
             Allen V. Robnett
             1020 Woodmont Drive
              Gallatin TN   37066

While modification of the messages of congratulation and condolence (in the SBR subroutine file) is encouraged for use in your own classroom, any distribution of the programs must contain the original SBR file.

 For Licensing and further information, contact Allen V. Robnett:  (615)-230-9854  or click here to send emailt to

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