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Polynomials: Multiplying and factoring

60     PnMltMon     This program requires multiplying a binomial by a monomial. There are various cases of variables in the monomial and the binomial as for example: -4X(-5X+3Y).  It serves  mainly as an introduction to factoring which follows.

61     PnFctMon     The multiplication problems of PnMltMon are reversed in PnFctMon. The sequence is intended to make clear that factoring  is related to multiplication in algebra in the same way that division is related to multiplication in arithmetic.

 62     PnMltBn1     This program requires multiplication of two simple binomials together.

63     PnFctBn1     The multiplication problems of PnMltBn1 are reversed in PnFctBn1. In this program all coefficients are positive. The new notion of factoring is not (yet) confused with negative numbers.

64     PnFctBn2     The difference between this program and PnFctBn1 is that this one uses both positive and negative coefficients

65     PnMltBn2     This program requires multiplying a monomial and two binomials together. Note that no parentheses are required in the answer and none are accepted. The rationale is that it is important for students to understand where and when parentheses are required.

66     PnFctBn3     This program requires factoring a monomial and two binomials. The student should be made aware that such a problem is easier to solve if one begins by factoring out a monomial, if possible.

67     PnSpcPr1     This program provides exercise in multiplying and factoring the special products: the square of a binomial and the product of the sum and difference of  two numbers. In order to stress a point the program insists that a product such as (3X+2)(3X+2) be expressed as (3X+2)2 . Also, if the student uses +- in his answer, he will be asked to "SIMPLIFY".

68     PnSpcPr2     In this program, the special products are multiplied by a monomial, which must be factored out first.

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