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Recording Scores: Performance Summary for CBA

The format of the Performance Summary screen is as follows:

            PROGRAM NAME
            PROGRAM NUMBER:             XX

            STUDENT NUMBER:               XXX
            STARTED AT PROBLEM:       X

            CORRECT ANSWERS:           XX
            ANSWERS ATTEMPTED:       XX

             YOUR SCORE IS:                     XX

Though the Performance Summary screen is the most foolproof source for recording scores, recording can also be done from the history that is stored in matrix [E].  This is especially useful if you want to let students work on one or more programs outside of the classroom setting and bring in their scores after the fact. This approach has been proven to work very well. It is also useful in the event of an unintentional exit.

The student's performance during any given session is constantly updated in a revolving history record stored in matrix [E]. In the interest of limiting the RAM space required by the history, only the most recent 20 scores are retained. Furthermore, if a session is terminated with fewer than 10 problems attempted, then the record of the following session will replace that of the interrupted session, provided that the following session is identified by the same student number and the same program number. This means that the student must bring the calculator to the teacher to have a partial score recorded if he is to restart and continue and interrupted program.

The history can be viewed at any time by pressing [MATRX] [5]   (on the TI-83 Plus this must be preceded by [2nd] ).  The arrow keys can be used to scroll down (and right, if necessary).

The columns on the history screen record the following information:

1st column
2nd column
3rd column
4th column
5th column
Number of answers entered
Number of correct answers
Program number
Beginning problem number
Student number
       "  "      
      "  "
     "  "
     "  "
      "  :"
    The most
recent 20
entries are

Note that column 5 may not be readily visible without scrolling. In most cases, this is not a problem since it is merely the student number and is only important where there is suspicion about trickery.

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